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Shalini has worked with dozens of students for over five years on their college applications, subject studies, and academic papers. She holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Political Science, so whether you need help with something science-y or more social science-y, she has the breadth and knowledge to offer a helping hand. Her priorities are simple and straightforward: the students, their learning styles, and their goals. She wants to be there for you- you’re not alone in this.




Here’s a little blurb about what Shalini wants you to know:

“I am brutally honest in order to bring out your best- I want to help you express yourself with YOUR unique voice, with meaning, power, and lasting impact. I check grammar, syntax, and format. I critique content, coherence, flow, and depth. I will give you food for thought to encourage critical thinking that yields a deeper and more complete version of what you want to convey. Every word counts to make you stand out, and that is where I’ve got your back.This is about putting your best foot forward and being proud of what YOU have to say the way YOU want to say it. There is no right or wrong way to write an essay persay, but there is such a thing as writing right for you: presenting your truth so that regardless of the response, you have no regrets because you’ve said your piece. Know what I’m saying?

Patience, attention, detail, and genuine investment in the success of any given piece of writing is what I guarantee. I want to help you to the best of my ability with whatever questions you may have.

My job is to bring out the real you. Because the real you has something amazing to say. You just gotta believe it, because it’s true. I’m talking getting down, getting engaged, and getting real. Bring the reader on an adventure with you, let them feel what you’re feeling, let them be party to your journey- make them a part of it. And be proud of your story, of your voice, and of yourself. Write like you mean it, write what you mean. Say it loud and clear with pride and joy, with emotion, with meaning from the deepest wells of yourself. Be free and write without inhibition, because that is when the power will come out. Get to the crux of the point. That is when the power will come out. Let your power show. Let your power shine.”

-Shalini J.

Essay Coach & Founder of EssayItWriteTM


I had no idea about writing college essays for each different college, however Shalini helped me with how to start from the beginning and how to develop from there. It was more comfortable with her because she let me talk about everything about myself with no lies. Since she let me write about everything that is truth I could be more proud of not only my essay but also myself when the final essays came out.

Bosung K.

Shalini has saved me in AP Chem. I thought I wouldn’t be able to bring my grade up, but since starting tutoring, it has definitely improved. Shalini has a gift at making people feel comfortable but is also very honest, which encourages me to ask a lot of questions. And even though she is very intelligent, she is also extremely humble and kind.”

Molly H.

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