Resumes and Cover Letters: Go after the job you want

You want to apply for a job, for a gig, for placement- whatever it may be- but first you need to go through the process of representing yourself through your to-be submitted materials.


In other words, you need to write a resume and/or cover letter.


But there’s more to it than that. You need to craft these job materials.

EssayItWriteTM can help you create a resume and cover letter tailored to your potential jobs in a way that helps your qualifications stand out and your drive come through.


But why?

Because these things matter.

Because you want to give yourself a chance at getting your foot in the door.

Because you want the opportunity to interview and show them what you’ve got.

 Because you want your resume and cover letter to give you a fighting chance.


All you need to do is hook them. Make them have a few “hm” moments as blankthey glance through your submissions as they do hundreds of others. Enough “hm” moments could mean getting to the next step.



blankEssayItWriteTM will work with you to identify your strengths, present your accomplishments, and target your audience in a way that grasps attention.


A coach will review your resume, cover letter, or both and provide constructive criticism and suggestions for how to improve these key documents that can boost your chances of success.


You can depend on our feedback being honest, solid, and invested in your success.


If you need more individualized one-on-one help, we offer counseling sessions during which we can walk you through the brainstorming and writing process to get you on the right track.


Now could be your time to take the next step. Get the help that can take your resume and cover letter to the next level. Get the help that can take your job search from “looking” to “hired”.


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