I have to write an essay? Again?!

Well, here I was. I had to go through the whole application process again. “What a rip off,” is all I could think. Of course, no one was being ripped off. If I wanted to go to grad school, then I had to apply. (Duh.)

But let’s get real. There are quite a few of us who dread the application process. Why? Beacuse of the essays. Why do we dread the essay part? It could be a variety of reasons, including but not limited to:
– not a fan of writing,
– don’t know what to write, or
– overwhelmed by the idea that your whole persona, quality, and potential acceptance to do what YOU want to do is going to be based on a long paragraph of 650 words that you write. Because, of course, you have to use that space to ‘show’ the Admissions “who you are”.

I’ve been with myself forever (literally my whole life, naturally), and I still struggle with that question. And now they want me to what?

All over again???


BUT. A big part of my approach this time was in the mindset, set up, and protocol I developed over time, trial, and error, and followed to write an essay that became something I was proud of, and something that was genuine. And something that got me in to the program of my choice. Looking back, even now I sometimes don’t understand how I got in the zone effectively. But I did, and the essay came out.

Get in the zone. Bring your game. Express yourself and write something you are proud of. Contact EssayItWrite to learn more about how we can help you. Your goal is our goal.


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