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Do you need help with your college application essay?



Do you need someone to actually spend time thoroughly reading and constructively criticizing your essay to help you bring out your best and most powerful voice?

Or are you struggling with mastering the concepts of Chemistry?

Maybe it’s something else.

EssayItWrite offers the opportunity to work one-on-one with an essay coach who specializes in developing your own literary voice to get your essay “write”, and an academic tutor who will help you build confidence in your understanding of academic subjects.

Let’s introduce your tutor and essay coach, Shalini J.:

“I am brutally honest in order to bring out your best… My job is to bring out the real you. Because the real you has something amazing to say.”

-Shalini J.

Essay Coach & Founder of EssayItWrite


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Shalini is THE BEST. I probably wouldnt have gotten into college without her. I love Shalini’s teaching style because she takes something relatively mundane (writing an essay) and gives you techniques and approaches to make it interesting and enjoyable. It was great to watch my work evolve into something really great with her honest feedback and accessibility.

Harini R.

Shalini is very thorough in her editing process. She found many ways I could improve my content to draw people into my essay. Even after others had reviewed my essays, she still offered new perspectives and insightful critiques that made my writing much stronger. 

Shrunothra A.