Your goal is our goal. 


Let me guess…

you’re applying to college


you need help with chemistry


school is just not cooperating

Do you need someone to actually spend time thoroughly reading and constructively criticizing your essay to help you bring out your best and most powerful voice?

Are you struggling with mastering the concepts of Chemistry?

Maybe it’s something else.

EssayItWrite offers the opportunity to work one-on-one with an essay coach who specializes in developing your own literary voice to get your essay “write”, and a tutor who will help you build confidence in your understanding of academic subjects.

Let’s introduce your tutor and essay coach, Shalini J.:

“I am brutally honest in order to bring out your best… My job is to bring out the real you. Because the real you has something amazing to say.”

-Shalini J.

Essay Coach & Founder of EssayItWrite

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EssayItWrite wants you to get more than a bang for your buck. The goal is to provide high-quality feedback at reasonable pricing.


I had no idea about writing college essays for each different college, however Shalini helped me with how to start from the beginning and how to develop from there. It was more comfortable with her because she let me talk about everything about myself with no lies. Since she let me write about everything that is truth I could be more proud of not only my essay but also myself when the final essays came out.

Bosung K.

Shalini has saved me in AP Chem. I thought I wouldn’t be able to bring my grade up, but since starting tutoring, it has definitely improved. Shalini has a gift at making people feel comfortable but is also very honest, which encourages me to ask a lot of questions. And even though she is very intelligent, she is also extremely humble and kind.”

Molly H.