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COLLEGE APPLICATION ESSAYS (Click here for more info)
Whether you are writing a personal statement for college or a statement of purpose for a graduate program, or even an application to an internship program,

You want it to be quality.

You want it to up your chances of getting in.

With proper guidance, support, and hard work, you can make your essay stand out through your individual expression. Take note, your coach will not write your essay; they will do something far better. They will help you express yourself and craft something to be proud of.

ACADEMIC TUTORING & PAPERS (Click here for more info)
Been there, done that. Trust us, we get it. It’s not exactly easy to figure out how to make that grade, but the point is this: it’s about understanding the material thoroughly. The grades will follow.What is important is the foundation, and that has to be the priority.

So, whether you’re struggling with historical dates

or writing an argumentative essay for AP English,


Let’s focus on your approach.

Do the concepts make sense? Are your strategies effective? We will work together on your writing, study skills, and understanding to ensure that you cover all relevant ground, keeping in mind your instructors’ specific methods and suggestions. Ultimately, you will gain a better understanding of how to perform such that you can be your own resource in the future without having to depend on others.

MATH & CHEMISTRY TUTORING (Click here for more info)

We provide tutoring services for elementary through high school mathematics and chemistry courses. What is your learning style? Let’s use that in our approach to figure out the confusion and master the concepts.

Let’s make it a chill, but educational experience that emphasizes relaxed learning over stressed cramming. It is possible to not freak out and do well at the same time.

RESUMES & COVER LETTERS (Click here for more info)

If you are creating a resume and/or cover letter for a job, internship, or even a school application, then we’ve got you covered. We can help you with your formatting, word choice, and content to make your submission stand out in the 30 seconds of review it gets from its reader. That’s the key- you have 30 seconds to impress, so make it count. Convey your qualifications in relation to your stated goal and make a strong argument supporting that you’re the right person for the gig.

YES, support sessions can be in-person (depending on location), via Skype, or through email, depending on your needs! Oftentimes a combination of these.



1-on-1 individualized session (Tutoring/Essay help) $60/hr


Resume  ($) 25  (includes 2 reviews)
Cover letter 30         (includes 2 reviews)
Resume + Cover letter 45         (includes 2 reviews of each)
1-on-1 Counseling Session $55/hr


Word Count Basic Standard Super Each additional editing round
0-500 ($) 25 60 110 10
500-1000 45 95 155 20
1000-2000 70 145 225 35
2000+ Inquire Inquire Inquire Inquire


  1. Basic: A sweep-through proofread checking for grammar and syntax. Get those boogers out of there!
  2. Standard: Includes proofreading, 2 critiques, and 30-minute coaching session.
  3. Super: Includes proofreading, 4 critiques, two 30-minute coaching sessions, and email support.


PROOFREADING: You know, the basics. We check your grammar, syntax, word choice- the uszhe. We will also point out awkward sentence structure and any major blurs in the overall impression of your prose. Call us a non-robotic proofer that won’t miss the little slip-ups.

CRITIQUE: It means we might harsh your mellow with the amount of red you see on the draft you get back, but it also means that we will point out everything that needs to be pointed out. None of this “two major edits and X number of minor edits” nonsense. If something needs to be addressed, then it needs to be addressed and we’ll give you a heads up. That’s what EssayItWrite means by a “critique”- we will lay it all out on the table for you, and you have to go through our feedback with a grain of salt. The hope is, of course, that our feedback will help you deliver a more BAM! piece of writing.

ONE-ON-ONE COACHING: Simple enough- we will be there to support you. To  answer your questions, help you brainstorm and develop your thoughts, be a sounding board for you, work through your concerns and uncertainties. A friend, if you will, that will advise you through this writing process. Oh, and we’ll tell it like it is, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

ADDITIONAL EDITING ROUNDS: We put our heart into every round of editing that we do, just so we’re on the same page about that. It’s in your best interest to address all feedback points prior to submission of a new draft. But keep each draft so that you can track your progress! It will be worth it to see the growth.


Please feel free to contact us. EssayItWrite’s number one priority is making quality help accessible to you, because we know what it’s like when you want more than a peer editor who will write “Nice job” at the top of your draft or give you basic tips, but affording it might be a different story.


Payment is accepted through PayPal. If you would like to request an alternate form of payment, please contact EssayItWrite for inquiries.

 Let’s work together to fix your writing, understand the material, or implement new study skills, so that next time you are better equipped to excel in a poignant and effective manner.