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Write a kickass essay

EssayItWriteTM wants to help you write a kickass essay that is powerful, memorable, and YOU. Are you applying to school, or submitting an academic paper? Through critiquing, coaching services, and easy access, we are here for you. Our feedback is genuine, honest, and real- because we believe in the golden rule. Your goal is our goal.


You need to write an amazing essay and…you got nothin’. Or, you got something, but you don’t like it. It’s not what you want. It’s not what you need. It doesn’t kick ass.


You want to write a good essay. You need to write a good essay. No, wait, make that a great essay. And you think you can. So you sit there, ready to produce something awesome…but all that comes is a blank. Or, something comes, you write it out, and it’s crap. Everything is just so BLA.



You just don’t get it. You don’t know what to say, and you don’t know how to say it. Maybe you don’t even know if you have anything to say.

“Am I even interesting?”

“I don’t have anything cool to write about.”

“Oh my gosh, I’m so boring.”

“Crap. I don’t know what to do.”

All you can think about is what the admissions officers will think when they do read your essay. That’s what’s in your mind as you attempt to get something on paper. And it’s overwhelming. So much pressure.

You’re stressing out. So bad.


Did you know, this is inhibiting you?

You want to be YOU but at the same time you want to say it “right”, and you don’t know what that means or what that looks like. Wouldn’t it be so convenient if the admissions officer at your top choice could just tell you what they would find interesting? Wouldn’t it be great if an admissions representative could read your draft and give you a hint as to whether you’re on the right track?

blankYou want to cover all ground. You want to grab the reader and keep them engaged. You want them to feel what you feel, see what you think, go on your journey with you. Maybe give them a little chuckle, or sniffle a tear. You want them to understand you. Because if they truly understand you, then they’d love you! If only they knew!

You really want to get into this school. Or that school. Or all three schools X, Y, and Z. YOUblank NEED TO GET IN.

But you only have this one 1-2 page essay to tell them who you are. You only have this piece of writing to convince them that they should WANT you. How is that even possible?

If you could have your cake and eat it, too, your essay would not only be strong and memorable, but it would also be true to you.

You are human, but you want them to know that you are an awesome human.

Don’t be rollin’ your eyes.

Everyone has had some great experiences, some meaningful memories, some trying obstacles to overcome. Everyone has something to say- something valuable, something powerful. The question is, how do you do this in a way that is YOU?


Maybe you’ve already done a lot to prepare for school.

You’ve gotten good grades. Maybe your grades are excellent. You’ve worked hard to take challenging classes and do well. You may or may not be involved in afterschool activities including sports and clubs. Maybe you even started a club to benefit the community. Whatever your case, whatever you have done is truly wonderful stuff.

Yes, you have completed or working on completing your standardized testing. A good score on that would certainly aid you in the college application process.

You’re super busy trying to juggle your academics and extracurriculars. Oh, by the way, you play an instrument and also volunteer at a local organization. You don’t sleep that much. But it’s worth it.

If you get in.

But here’s the thing. You have some stiff competition. You know that there are so many other students who are as sleep-deprived as you. (Well, maybe not quite as much.) So what makes you stand out? What could impress the judges enough to give you a resounding “Yes”?

Maybe, just maybe, it’s the essay.

You already know why the essay is looming over you and not peeping up to you like a little bunny rabbit. It’s because this essay that you write could really matter. It could be the deciding factor between whether or not you get into your school choice(s).


On top of everything else, you procrastinate.blank

You’re a procrastinator. If you’re not, then that’s great. If you are, then you can relate to feeling terrible after pushing off your to-do tasks and then rushing to get it done.


You want to get the essay done….but at the same time you want to save it for later. When you’re more in the right “mood”. When it’s the “right” time.

Did you ever think? Maybe if you just start writing now, you could create something worth pursuing?

You could use some structure. Some good advice.


Maybe you’ve written something out, and you’ve had your peers check it out.

They write, “Nice” at the top of the paper.

That’s not exactly the kind comment you were looking for.

You need something more concrete, some constructive criticism to take your writing to the next level.

So what’s the solution here? How do you go about writing this very important piece of writing? And how do you go about getting quality feedback?


First, you must write. You let go and zone in. Say what you want to say the way you want to say it. The key is to SHOW them who you are. To express your experiences, your thoughts, your feelings, your growth. The goal is to write an essay that speaks volumes about you and your potential so that you can UP your chances of getting into the school of your choice. You want them to love your essay. You want them to love you. You want them to say “YES, welcome to our institution”. How thrilling would it be to get that acceptance letter? How satisfying would it be to write an essay that can help your chances of getting that letter?

You need to the right support to help you craft and perfect your essay.

You need someone to guide you, even if just a little bit.

Maybe you need someone to keep you on top of things.


Welcome to EssayItWriteTM. At EssayItWrite, our goal is your goal, whatever it may be. We mean that sincerely. We want to help you, guide you, mentor you, coach you, encourage you. We want to BE THERE FOR YOU.


Are you applying to:


graduate program

medical school

law school

internship program


We got your back.

Write a kickass essay that is you, speaks to your awesomeness, and makes you proud.

We truly believe in expressing your voice.



We value knowledge. Knowledge is power.

We emphasize the right fit. You want to find the right people to work with. We are confident that we are those people.

Our priority is being honest and upfront with all of our students.

Our pride is being flexible, friendly, and patient to assist you in a thorough and careful manner.

We are professional. We are experienced. We are also easy to work with.

We care. A lot.

We want to work with you in whichever way you need. It’s all about being on the same page and having an open dialogue. What are your individual preferences and approaches?

Our goal is your goal.

We want to help you write something you will be proud of. Something that serves your interests. Something that express you. The real you.


Through a combination of reviewing your work and working directly with you, EssayItWriteTM will coach you to writing an essay that makes you proud with the aim of getting its readers to say “Wow”.

Here is a break-down of what our services include:

PROOFREADINGYou know, the basics. We check your grammar, syntax, word choice- the uszhe. We will also point out awkward sentence structure and any major blurs in the overall impression of your prose. Call us a non-robotic proofer that won’t miss the little slip-ups.

All packages come with proofreading included for every draft.

EXCLUSIVE E-GUIDE “GETTING IN THE ZONE AND ZONING IN: WRITING YOUR COLLEGE ESSAY”: This e-guide we developed is designed to help you calm down, clarify your goals, and focus your efforts. Get advice for how to approach the writing process and tips for how to begin crafting your essay in a way that addresses your needs and wants.

CRITIQUE: It means we might harsh your mellow with the amount of red you see on the draft you get back, but it also means that we will point out everything that needs to be pointed out. None of this “two major edits and X number of minor edits” nonsense. If something needs to be addressed, then it needs to be addressed and we’ll give you a heads up. We will provide a variety of suggestions and different perspectives that will give you food for thought. That’s what EssayItWriteTM means by a “critique”- we will lay it all out on the table for you, and you have to go through our feedback with a grain of salt. The hope is, of course, that our feedback will help you deliver a more BAM! piece of writing.

COACHINGSimple enough- we will be there to support you. Every coaching session includes a 30-minute one-on-one video or phone call with your coach, who is there just for you. Personalization? Check. Undiverted attention? Check. We will use this time to answer your questions, help you brainstorm and develop your thoughts, be a sounding board for you, and work through your concerns and uncertainties. Your coach will be a friend, if you will, that will advise you through this writing process. Oh, and we’ll tell it like it is, so don’t say we didn’t warn you.

“ON-CALL” EMAIL ACCESS: We want you to be able to get in touch with us whenever you need to check in on something. Maybe you’re drafting your essay and you have a question about a specific aspect, or a concern about something else. Email us and you will get an answer within 12-hours with this feature. This is available throughout the final draft exchange.

ADDITIONAL EDITING ROUNDS: Maybe you need an additional round of the critique process to ensure your essay is where it needs to be. We put our heart into every round of editing that we do, just so we’re on the same page about that. Therefore, it’s in your best interest to address all feedback points prior to submittal of a new draft. But keep each draft so that you can track your progress! It will be worth it.

FLEXIBILITY: We pride ourselves on accommodating your needs and your timeline. Our package offers are spread over a period of time so that you can complete the work and get the assistance you need according to your schedule. Timelines provided include what how long it typically takes for the exchange to be complete, but this can be altered to fit your personal workflow and style.


What are the benefits of EssayItWrite’s services?

By working with EssayItWriteTM, you can do the following:

  • Zero in on a topic/subject for writing
  • Brainstorm and craft your essay
  • Explore and express your true voice
  • Keep the reader engaged throughout your piece
  • Convey your thoughts, personality, and approach
  • Get detailed feedback that points out everything
  • Work with a coach that is honest and thorough
  • Get one-on-one support throughout the process
  • “On-call” email access to ask questions at any time
  • Pack your writing with quality and power to make it stand out
  • Say what you want to say, the way you want to say it
  • Tailor to your intended audience
  • Have a structured AND flexible timeline for writing


Why should you work with us? Why should you want to work with us? Ah, isn’t that the time-old question? “Why”?blank

Because our goal is your goal. What you want, we want. If you’re happy, then we are VERY happy.

Our number one priority is to be there for YOU, which means being honest, and a friend = an honest friend.

blankDuring the essay review process, we will say everything that needs to be said. We will point out all areas that need attention, or fixing, or a re-do. You may have found that other services will offer a certain number of edits, such as “two major corrections and one minor point”.

That’s nonsense. If we see more than “two major” and “one minor” things that needs work, are we supposed to just keep it to ourselves? That’s not how we roll.

blankIf it was our essay being reviewed, we sure as helk would want our editor to be brutally honest so that we get the most out of their constructive critique. It’s about the golden rule.

We will provide you with some structure aimed at keeping you on track and motivated. But at the same time, we are very flexible and accommodate to your needs. The magic is in the balance of structure and flexibility.

We make it easy for you to contact us. You submit a question, you should expect a response, and you will get a response. Not one week later either. Within 48 hours. Why? It’s about the golden rule. We all want to know we aren’t just talking to a wall, or sending our messages into a dark vortex that never gets seen.

Our “on-call” service makes us reachable at your fingertips. Again, we want to be there for you. And that means being able to help you out when you have a question or something you want to check in about.

We have different packages to suit your personal needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all. And if our options still don’t match your preferences, then contact us and let us know what it is you’re looking for. We will figure it out. We want to help you in the way you need help.

It is our job to help you produce a great piece of work, and we take that duty very seriously.

From proofreading to critiquing to coaching sessions, we will give our all into our service to you.

Are you ready to give it your all to your service to YOURSELF? Are you ready to write something fantastic? And then to edit, and revise, and rewrite, and re-edit… until you have what you want? It takes work and dedication, but you can do it, and we will help you get there.


We are not in the business of writing things for our students. But we will guide, coach, mentor, advise, help, encourage, and be there for you.

Why? Because your strongest essay will be the one that YOU write. Believe it or not, the admissions folk want to hear what you have to say. So when you let your voice and thoughts come across, it really makes a difference.

No joke.

You know you best. So, even if you don’t believe it yet, you are best-equipped to express yourself. You are best-equipped to crafting a powerful piece of writing that represents you.

So the challenge is to let your true you come through.

???????????                                  STILL FEELING DOUBTFUL?                                      ????????????

Maybe you’re scared that you just can’t do it. You fear that you really don’t have anything interesting to say.

You fear failure. That is only natural.

You are unsure whether EssayItWrite can help you, for real. You don’t even personally know the team. Do we really care about you?

You doubt that you will ultimately create a better essay. You wonder if this is worth it.

You have to answer these questions for yourself. How important is writing this essay to you? How much do you want to genuinely strive to make it great?

You have to overcome your self-doubt. Why sell yourself short? Why not try to reach that potential you believe may be inside of you, deep down? Why not?

What we can tell you, is that we can and will help you. We do care. A lot.

Through our service, you will write a better, stronger, more focused essay. You will be true to your voice. You will say something of value. We believe it, and we stand by it, which is why we have our unbeatable guarantee.

We want to serve you. This is why we are here. You goal is our goal. What makes us happy is to know that we made a positive difference for you. Seriously.


We want what our students want. And our students usually want to write a stellar essay that can significantly increase the chance that they can seal the deal with their top school choices. Just some of the institutions our clients have been accepted into include:

Stanford University

Tufts University

University of California, Berkeley

Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine

School of Visual Arts

University of California, Los Angeles

It doesn’t matter if you are applying to college, to study science or political science of the science of creating art, if you want to get into a graduate program for a Master’s degree in engineering, or your dream is to go to medical school to become a practicing doctor.

It doesn’t matter.

You have a goal. And you need to express a bit of yourself to get closer to making that goal a reality.

Help us to help you, by signing up for more information, and for signing up to work with our first-class team.

What makes it first-class? Simply that its priority is YOU.

What do YOU want? That’s what we want, too.

If you’re happy, then trust us, we are VERY happy.


“I had no idea about writing college essays for each different college, however Shalini helped me with how to start from the beginning and how to develop from there. It was blankmore comfortable with her because she let me talk about everything about myself with no lies. Since she let me write about everything that is truth I could be more proud of not only my essay but also myself when the final essays came out.” -Bosung K.

We are here for you. Whether you are in the final sweep-over stage of your essay, are stuck in the middle of writing, or can’t even figure out what to say, we want to provide our services to you.

Our job is to bring out the best you in your writing. In the end, you being proud of your work is the pride we have in our work.


blank“Shalini is very thorough in her editing process. She found many ways I could improve my content to draw people into my essay. Even after others had reviewed my essays, she still offered new perspectives and insightful critiques that made my writing much stronger.” -Shrunothra A.

Even if you think you got everything covered, we will never just give it a ‘passing’ mark with a glace over. We will search for and point out every possible issue that needs to be addressed by you. The essay is your brainchild after all. We are the supporting cast that you can depend on.

“I really appreciated Shalini’s help in writing my apps because she not only provided her valuable experience on how to craft a college essay, but she also helped me connect to and explore the basic ideas and passions I wanted to include in my writing.” -Amith L.

What is important to you? What do YOU want to share? And how do you truly want to share it? What would be natural for you, and not forced, or ingenuine? What would make you look back on this piece of writing that you create and feel good about it? Feel great about it?

This is about what you want, and us helping you make that happen. Whatever thoughts, feelings, experiences, are floating around in your head, let’s get it down on paper and Make a Brilliant Essay a Reality.


So the question is… are EssayItWrite’s services “write” for you?

Do you….

  • struggle with crafting your college application essays?
  • want to do justice to your own potential but are getting stuck?
  • understand that EssayItWrite’s one-on-one personalized help sessions could be what you need?
  • really want to improve? Do you really want to achieve?
  • promise you are willing to put in the time and effort it will take to see results?

If you said “Yes” to one or more of these, then come on down. We here at EssayItWriteTM are ready to help you make that essay happen.

But here’s the thing. You have to want to help yourself first. Then only can we work together to make things happen.

However, if you….

  • don’t care about learning new strategies
  • don’t want to put in the time it takes to improve
  • want someone else to do the work for you

Then we recommend you re-assess your goals and plans for how to reach them. We are here for you whenever you need, but you need to be there for yourself first.

If you are thinking about requesting personalized help from EssayItWriteTM, thank you for your trust and thank you for your dedication. Let’s get cracking, get rolling, and get some work done. We are excited to begin this adventure with you and look forward to the journey. The light at the end of the tunnel shall be reached with a dazzling final product! Essay, here you come!


We truly want to help you, and we truly want you to be happy with the assistance you receive. We believe in our goal to help you achieve your goals, and we trust that we can coach you in a way that yields positive results. This is why we offer an unbeatable 30-day money back guarantee.

Yes. You read it right. We know that if you do your part and we do our part, the outcome can be fantastic: a great essay.

But if you’re not satisfied, neither are we.

*Only most recent transaction within 30 days is eligible for refund.

For rates, please inquire here Contact or at!


The question is simple: Do you want to help yourself write a better, stronger, more kickass essay?

It’s up to you. But you know now what role EssayItWrite can play in assisting you, and you have the information to make a decision.

We challenge you to take action. Whether that means signing up to work with us, sleeping on it, or going on a spa retreat to clear your mind, depends on what you need.

You know best what you need.

And if what you need is some solid, honest, and thorough guidance, you know we’ve got your back.

Why? Because….yes, you got it: Our goal is your goal. When you’re happy, we’re VERY happy.

We want what you want.

We are here for you.


If you’re considering your options with EssayItWrite, you might be wondering, what happens after I sign up?

A very valid question, young padowan.

blankSo once you submit your request or purchase, you will be contacted by our team within 24-hours on the next step.

This often entails an inquiry into some details about your situation/specific needs. Following that, you will receive a request for your writing submission, scheduling options for a one-on-one coaching session, or a combination of these, depending on your package.

We provide structure with flexibility. Stay motivated, but not pressured.

And anytime you have a question, or concern, or suggestion, or feedback, you can depend on being able to reach us. It’s the 21st century after all- no need to wait for a telegram to be sent across an ocean.


Thanks for considering EssayItWriteTM. We know this process that looms ahead of you can be overwhelming, challenging, and a bit scary.

So if you decide to work with us, hop on and get ready to rock and roll.

If you’re still making up your mind, take your time.

But not too long. Because by the time you realize that this is the right step for you, we wouldn’t want all of our spots to be filled up!

We welcome the opportunity to work with you and look forward to it.

Sincerely yours,

EssayItWrite Team

Your goal is our goal.